We Belong Together

Feb 28, 2011

Quick note, sorry for the later post today. Last night and this morning were a little hectic and I wasn't able to prepare a post ahead of time because I wanted to do it on the Oscars, which didn't really work out anyways...

I was going to make today's post a sort of Oscar dress re-cap with pretty rooms, but after seeing the dresses, I wasn't feeling as inspired. It's not that they were all horrible, but nothing really stood out to me, with the exception of Cate Blanchett's. And whether you loved or hated it, you have to admit that her dress was a work of art.


But it's hard to a dress post with only one dress, so instead, I thought I'd do my usual Music Monday and give it an Oscar twist :)

Toy Story was the movie of my childhood. So I may be a little biased, but I absolutely adore them! You've Got A Friend In Me is like, so amazing, and We Belong Together from the newest movie is just as awesome. And it won an Academy Award, so you know, it's official then haha

So here's a little bit from the song, and some pretty pictures that I thought were fitting :)

When we're together,
Clear skies are clear, oh.

And I'll share them, till where I'm less depressed.
And it's sincerely, from the bottom of my heart,

I just can't take it when we're apart. 

We belong together,
We belong together.
Yes, we do,
You'll be mine, forever.

(I'm a sucker for cute animal photos, so I couldn't resist putting one it!)

Hope you all have a had a lovely day!


A Bit of Sparkle

Feb 27, 2011

The Oscars are tonight, so I knew I wanted to do something a little glam for today's collection, but I thought I'd put a spin on it with some vintage pieces. This collection ended up being very soft, delicate and feminine.

A Bit of Sparkle
Luster Tumbler Mixed Set
Madeleine Necklace
For the Fisherman
Inside No. 5
Key To My Heart
Discover Secret Places

Hope you have a lovely day!


Ballet Inspired & A Question

Feb 26, 2011


Lately I've been loving soft neutral colours, especially on my nails. I'm currently wearing Parlez-vous OPI by OPI and I love it! So I thought I would dedicate a little post to some gorgeous, soft, inspirations :)

And now for my question! I'm not super happy with the layout in my room right now. The first photo is what it was a little while ago, and the second photo is what it currently looks like.  (Click on images to enlarge them.)

Light blue = bed
Green = desk
Purple = separate desk shelf unit thing
Pink = bookshelf
Dark blue = dresser
Orange = table being used as nightstand
Yellow = nightstand

                                                                      one                                                                         two
These next 6 are some possibilities.  The weird thing on the right wall is from the chimney. It sticks out about 3 inches into my room. The other three walls have my closet door, my room door, and a window. So there's something on every wall that makes for an awkward layout.

                                                                     three                                                                        four
                                                                      five                                                                          six
                                                                   seven                                                                    eight

And finally, this is the layout that I think I'm leaning towards. I think. The nightstands got bumped just before I took the photo, so they wouldn't be so far away in real life haha And I do have a chair for my desk, I just didn't bother to measure it since it goes wherever the desk goes.

Thoughts? Favourites? Any other ideas?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Feature Friday: The Dancing Cat

Feb 25, 2011

Good morning!!

Quick note before I begin today, I'm guest posting over at Lilac & Grey! I created a living room mood board based around this rug from Anthropologie. Hope you will head over and enjoy!!

One of the things I wanted to do when I started this blog was feature amazing artists, and I sort of have, but not really. So today I have a fab artist to share with you!!

When I first saw Jamie Shelman's work, I smiled to myself. It so accurately captured the behaviour of my crazy cat. And going through her Etsy shop, I just found more and more reasons to adore her work! Her husband, Thomas Meyer, is also an artist, and this is what they say about their work:

"We love the thought that our work can make someone happy even if just for a moment and possibly redirect their day or their lives in a positive direction. Tom and I, regardless of the black realities of the world that surrounds us, never pass thru a day without finding something ridiculous enough to make us laugh to the point of tears. As your art doctors we would like to prescribe a dose of this levity to you! From haute couture to bloated cats our medicine cabinet has just what you need! We are the cure all snake oil of the modern world!"

I adore her work, as well as how she titles and describes each piece. Some of my favourites are below :)
Gus Gus
He's so fat and helpless, something might eat him!
Nike the Bather
Named after the Goddess of victory. Our neighbors cat has been schlumphing into our room to do a lick down, you'd think we were the YMCA! His frequent bathing has been the inspiration for a new series of prints! Now if I could only figure out a way to add the gulpy slurrpy pig snorts he makes while bathing!
Nutella Cat
In celebration of Nutella Day, this little cat reminds me of how I feel after I eat chocolate!
You're not an owner, you're an opportunity.
Pineapple Shirt
His short arm always made him feel inadequate (even in his pineapple shirt).
Cat in bag, Cat out of bag
His insatiable curiosity will get him killed, he enjoys fish sticks and long evenings by the fire. His mental instabilities led him to medication.
The Feather
His favorite cat toy was the feather, even though it was a love hate relationship.
Your favorite cat behavior, the death kick, only works on small animals, his bad. Hind legs in the air, front paws wrapped around prey or your arm, repeated claw stabs!

So clever right?? If you've ever owned a cat, you can probably relate to all of the above :) She does do other work that does not involve cats, so be sure to check out her blog, her Etsy shop, and her twitter!

Hope you all have a lovely Friday!!


Colour-by-Room: For Like Ever

Feb 24, 2011

Morning! I missed doing this post last week with my series of guest posts, so I'm glad to be back on my usual schedule :)

Today's space comes from designer Betsy Burnham's daughter's room. The entire room can be found here. Isn't it fab??

The room incorporates some design favourites, as well as unique items. First up, the classic Parsons Desk from West Elm.
West Elm
Next, the super fun For Like Ever print from Village.
And finally, some bright accessories :)

And wouldn't this super cute domino set from JA just be fab in this space?
Jonathan Adler Domino Set

Hope you have a (super!) lovely day :D



Feb 23, 2011

Yesterday was just one of those days. You know, when nothing really goes the way you thought or wanted? Nothing especially terrible happened, it just wasn't the best of days. So today's post is a little pick me up, partly for myself, but also for you. Because we all need a little sparkle sometimes :)

Whether it's your clothing & accessories,
with sparkly things,
or your favourite people.
Sparkle is definitely a good thing :)

source                                                                                           source                           
Hope you are all having a lovely week and continue to do so!

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