Colour-by-Room: Manly Man

Mar 31, 2011


Today is my (not-so)little brother's birthday! He's turning 18! (I feel old and I'm only 20. Seems like he started highschool, like, yesterday and now he's looking at universities!) And it's kinda scary to think that he can vote. Although I did think it was scary when he was old enough to drive, but he is actually a really good driver now. So you know, he's not as dumb as he sometimes seems to me haha Pretty sure stupidity is standard little bro behaviour though haha

So today's Colour-by-Room is for the men. Deep colours, industrial feel, manly fabrics. And no pink haha

Here's some pieces to get your manly-man room started :)

Crazy chair from Anthropologie that I can see fitting into a guy's room SO perfectly, non?
Winifred Color-Block Chair, Houndstooth
Sexy, worn leather couch is kind of a must in a manly room to me.
Cotswolds Sofa
And a really cool industrial table that makes it very clear this is a no-frilly-lace-pink-sparkle zone haha
Rotunda Coffee Table
To finish off, a deep blue-y grey shade.
Sarah Richardson for Para Paints in Thunderstorm

Any manly-man rooms out there? Is pink allowed? haha

And just to confuse everyone (myself included haha) I changed my Twitter name to GalleryNoEight! You can now find me here: :D

Hope you all have a lovely day!


{top image from here}

Style Quiz

Mar 30, 2011


Yesterday, Abby over at A Delightful Design posted a link to a style quiz on Ethan Allen. I may have taken the quiz, um, three times. And I got a different answer every time. My style is definitely a mix, so you know, it was good to take it more than once. (Or maybe I'm just trying to find excuses to avoid homework? haha that sounds about right)

My first result was Country House.
"The verdict is in—your style is County House. Country House is a timeless world rooted in history. Inspired by the grand houses of Europe. Confident layering of pattern, texture, color, and shape. As if carefully collected over many years. For the antique lover with a taste for modern comfort."

My second result was Loft.
"The verdict is in—your style is Loft. Loft is energetic. Fashion-driven. Practical. Materials borrowed from industry, architecture, and nature. Clean shapes. Punches of color. Spontaneous and fresh. Kids and pets? Bring them on."

My third result was Villa.
"The verdict is in—your style is Villa. Villa is romance reinvented. A high-end “decorator” look. Refined without fuss. Serene yet strong. Pedigreed while also modern. Inspired by French and Scandinavian design. A mingling of carved woods. handcrafted artisanship, and the dressmaker detail."

I would say a combo of all three describes my look pretty well. I don't like fussy decor, but I do like a bit of glamour. I don't like minimalist decor, but I also don't like stuffy decor - somewhere in the middle. And I think I've started to lean a little country, even though I live in a big city. Seems more home-y to me. So I think a Country-Loft-Villa is perfect for me :)

The quiz is here. If you take it come back and let me know what you're result was!


Design-by-Room: Silver Grey

Mar 29, 2011

Good morning!!

Today is a special edition of Design by Room, as this is the plan for my bedroom! I know I've showed my plans before, but this a complete overhaul and I am so ridiculously happy with this plan!

1. Twilight Blue, 2. Edinburgh Windows, 3. The Royal Mile, 4. SEVEN, 5. bookcase idea, 6. IKEA Edland bedframe, 7. IKEA Byholma chest, 7. IKEA Virserum frame, 8. IKEA Ribba frame, 9. silver leaf lamp idea, 10. Farrow & Ball in Lamp Room Gray, Manor House Gray, French Gray & Savage Ground.

Okay, so. Artwork. 1-3 I've had open in tabs for over a week now. WANT. Perfect for my colour scheme and I adore them! I already have a frame for 1, and 2&3 will go in either white or aluminum frames. But I'm thinking white, because I might have another piece that would look ah-mazing in an aluminum frame. 4 is sold out, so I'm going to paint some sort of version myself :D

I want that bedframe. And I'm going to put curtains on it and make it pretty and comfy and oh-so-fabulous :D

I'm undecided about the chest. I love it and the colour and I have a spot for it in my mental floorplan, but ...? Not sure. Thoughts?

My bookcase is currently colour-coordinated, but I'm thinking of turning all the books around so the pages face out instead of the spine. Good or bad idea?

For lamps, my mom has these old dated (mint-green) lamps that are getting some silver leaf and new shades. And I also have a ceiling light/fan that is staying. (old house + bad windows/insulation + hot, humid summers = ugly fan is necessary)

And I also might be getting the new For Like Ever print. Because it's in grey!!! So friggin' awesome. My only problem is a frame. It needs a 24x36" (or 60x90cm) frame. And IKEA doesn't have any that size. Any thoughts on where to find one? It's standard poster size I believe.

All of my current bedroom furniture, which includes dresser, desk, bookcase, and a weird desk-shelf-add-on-thing is white. And I also have a gallery wall of old vintage frames in white.

For paint colour, my carpet is similar to Savage Ground, and I'm liking Lamp Room Gray & Manor House Gray. French Gray is leaning too green for my liking. I don't want the grey to be too dark, but I also want it to be different enough from the white trim in the room. I have 2 massive doors, a massive window, and 1' high baseboards around the entire room. Any colour suggestions?

Okay, I think that was everything. Any thoughts, suggestions, or comments are very welcome!!

I'm kinda super excited to get started on this when school is done! 4 more weeks to go :D

OH! And before I forget, be sure to check me out on twitter!! It's brand new and I'm kinda excited :)



Mar 28, 2011

Good morning!

I've decided to start a new series, Colour Mondays! Looking at different colours and seeing how they're used and you know, some pretty stuff haha

Today's colour is Navy! And of course, it's pretty friend Indigo :)

First, I adore it in a bedroom. Whether paint or wallpaper, I think it looks so chic!

In living rooms, I love it on the walls, furniture, cushions, accessories, anything! And it looks perfect paired with coral/pink/red or bright sunshine yellow (I should know, every school I've been too has been blue & gold!)

And in the dining room, it creates a very casual chic look :)

And in an entry way, or awkward hallway, it creates the perfect backdrop for this super fun art :)

Make sure to come back next week for more colour fun :D I'm excited for this new series...I'm definitely a fan of colour in a space!

(And if you're really patient, I've got some kinda-sorta big news coming up at the end of April!)

Hope you all have a lovely Monday!


You Are Loved

Mar 27, 2011

Good morning!!

I hope that you spend some time today with the people that you love. There is nothing better than that some days :)


Shot Me Down


On Top Of The World

Whitman's Sampler Overload

Pink Hearts No. 2


Mares Tale


In Good Company

Mar 26, 2011

Good morning!

I didn't get a chance to post this yesterday as I pre-wrote yesterday's post (crazy day of class and travel and !), but I wanted to share this with you today :)

Sometimes, living in a big city, I tend to ignore the people around me. Walk past them if they're walking too slow, get impatient when they can't get through the door fast enough, ignore the people passing out random things, it's just sort of become habit.

But on Thursday, me and my friend went to pick up some dinner at the grocery store and as we went to line up, she realized she'd lost her debit card (I hadn't brought mine with me as she offered to buy dinner). So she ran back to my apartment to try and find it, and the lady ahead of me was very nice and kept asking if she was back yet, if I'd heard anything, etc. The line was pretty long so I probably waited 10-ish minutes. My friend still wasn't back, so the lady ahead of me bought our dinner for us! It was only $10, but it was just so nice.

You sometimes hear of things like that happening, but it's never happened to me. It's just nice to know that there are good people out there, even in a big crazy city :)

After the adventure that was dinner, I spent the evening with some good friends and had a lovely time :) I do love spending time with my fave people as I don't get to see them very often. And now I'm home with the fam-jam for the weekend!

I hope you spend some time with your favourite people sometime soon :)


Friday Florals

Mar 25, 2011

Morning :)

I've been feeling a little un-inspired lately. Maybe it's the crazy school thing called homework (aka pure evil), but that'll be over in a few weeks when school is finished. Until then, I leave you with my favourite thing to look at when I'm feeling 'bleh'. Fabulous florals :)

Also this. Because if you've ever worked with HTML, CSS or any other type of awful code (talking to you Processing...) you'll understand haha

Hope you all have a fabulous day :)


Colour-by-Room: Mint & Seafoam

Mar 24, 2011

Morning all!

I've had to remove myself from blogland the past few days, so apologies for not commenting and the such. Had a massive essay due yesterday, but I'm sort of free for the next week so expect many comments coming soon! haha

I adore the colours in this room. So spring-like and cheerful and fun :) And that massive painting is so cool!

From West Elm, I chose the Blake Sectional.

From IKEA, the Boja Pendant Lamp and the Boja Table Lamp.

Now, I had a hard time choosing just two from Chapters/Indigo haha These are just too cute!! I chose the Webkinz Signature Red Panda and the Mazin Hamster Sparkle. (a pink hamster!)
For that punch of green, the Samba Green Tray from Crate & Barrel.
And this gorgeous turqouisey-green shade in Spring :)
Sarah Richardson for Para Paint in Spring

Hope you enjoyed and have a lovely day!!


{top image from here, if you know the original source please let me know!}
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