Design-by-Room: All Day Bedroom

May 31, 2011

Good morning!

Today I was feeling like a bright & colourful bedroom. I feel like I've been doing a lot of neutral rooms. So I found the red linen cabinet and the red & turquoise bedding and went with it. I actually quite like how it turned out, and this colour combo is really gorgeous!

I really liked the pillow combo with the duvet, and they'd look fab all piled up on the daybed. I thought the creamy Bone Jaipur fabric would make some gorgeous window coverings and not compete with the other colours/patterns in the room. And how gorgeous is that herringbone throw??

I kind of kept all the furniture pretty neutral, so it could be easily moved to another room. Or you could switch up all the fabrics and have a totally new look!  I really liked the Anthro chair because the flowers were similar with the flowers in the duvet. And the urchin lamp was a subtle hint to the flower pattern, as the curves sort of mimicked the duvet flowers, if that makes sense haha

And I named this room the 'All Day Bedroom' because I would want to spend all day in it! haha

Hope you're all having a fab week!


Desk Dreaming

May 30, 2011

Good morning!

My mom got back from a 4 day bus trip to New York City last night. She didn't do a ton of shopping in NYC (she did way more at the outlet mall coming home haha) but she did bring me home a few things: a cupcake icing knife, four mini bowls, and three memo clips (the purple, green & blue). She knows me too well :)

I wouldn't have minded this desk, but that's a little awkward to bring home on the bus :P

Why a desk you ask? Because I don't have one. So I am currently typing from my bed, dreaming of a fab workspace. We always seem to want what we don't have. Sigh.

Throw an iMac into the pile of things I want but do not have (yet) too. So pretty. And 27 inches of pure amazing screen. Instead of my macBook's piddly 13".

See? Those people all have the right idea. iMac's.

I would happily live with my macBook if I had the desk above. Those green shutters just KILL me. Ugh. So ridiculously gorgeous.

Or I could just have no computer. But I don't think I'd last very long haha

And the daydreaming continues.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


{all images can be sourced through here}

Paris is a Feeling

May 29, 2011

Good morning!

Last night I had the chance to catch up with an old friend, and we stayed up quite late chatting away. So this morning's post is a little late haha

Following yesterday's pretty inspiration, I thought I'd find some pretty things on Etsy :)

Paris is a Feeling

Turkish Style Tumblrs

Beach Rocks

The Instant Comfort Pocket Box

Sweet Rose Settee

White Ellesse Tennis Shorts

World Traveler Cuff Links


Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!!


Chanel No. 5

May 28, 2011

Good morning!

Just some pretty inspiration to start your weekend :)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Feature Friday: Love of a House

May 27, 2011

Good morning!

Today's feature is Joan and her blog For the Love of a House!

I first found her home on Pinterest when I discovered this image from her kitchen and HAD to know where the jars were from! (Crate & Barrel if you're wondering :D)

Shall we go on a tour?

Isn't it just beautiful? There's so many lovely details that take it from a house to a home :)

They're still renovating, so there's more to come! Be sure to check out For the Love of a Home so you don't miss a thing!

Hope you're all having a lovely day!


Colour-by-Room: Turquoise & Green

May 26, 2011

Good morning!

Most of the Colour-by-Room's that I've done have been of interior rooms, so I really enjoyed last week's adventure outdoors! I thought this week I'd do something a little different :)

This fantastic little vignette of green & turquoise vases caught my attention right away and I thought it would be so fun to recreate!

 From IKEA, 1. Somrig, 2. Blommig, 3. Solstrale

From Z Gallerie, 1. Sienna Vase, 2. Verde Vase, 3. Lithe Vases, 4. Cutler Vase

I think that's a pretty good start to the collection, non? Antiques shows would be a great place to find more.

Hope you're all having a fantastic week!


{top image from Apartment Therapy via Pinterest}


May 25, 2011

Good morning!!

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with one of my best friends that I haven't seen in over a month. We went to one of my favourite cafes for lunch, took a walk, swung on some swings, had some tea, and watched some TLC haha It was so fun and the weather was so nice! My legs even got a little tiny tan! (Although that might just be the fake tan I've been using....)


Anyways, the lovely Alexa & Kirby over at The Short & Sweet Of It gave me the Versatile Blogger Award so I thought I would do that today! The rules are that you have to share 7 things and then pass it along to 7 other bloggers!

1.  I am a Mac. I currently have a MacBook, but I would love an iMac!


2. I am a Christian. I don't tend to go to church when I'm at school because I haven't found one that I like, but when I'm home, it's church on Sunday mornings with the famjam. And just between us, I do sometimes miss a Sunday here & there...
3.  I want a porch. A nice big one with room for a dining table at one end and seating and swings on another.

4. I heart books.


5. I feel like Paris would be my city. But I've never been, so I can't confirm that statement yet. I'll let you know when I go :)


6. I miss Art History class. It was so neat to learn all about that world and all those famous paintings.


7. I am so glad I started blogging! I have met so many amazing people and discovered so many things that you can't find anywhere else! It has been exciting and awesome and fantastic experience! Can't wait to see where it'll go from here :D And now I can't look back and say "Man, I wish I had started blogging".


And now to pass it along,
Kerry of First Time Fancy
Christine of Bijou & Boheme
Cassie of Hi Sugarplum!
Barbara of hodge:podge
Michaela of Michaela Noelle
Chassity of Look Linger Love
Rachel of Little Bits of Lovely

And to all of my fabulous readers who would like to do this!!

Hope you all have a lovely day!

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