OOAK: Flakes Paperie

Nov 30, 2011

Good evening!

I've always liked pretty paper. I used to work at a printing place and I used to love going through the paper sample books. There was one paper that honestly felt like silk. That stuff was crazy awesome.

And so is what I have for you today! Flakes Paperie is another beautiful shop that is featured at the One of a Kind Show this week. Her calendar was gorgeous in person!

If I had to pick a calendar to buy for next year, the one above would be it. And do you see those holiday cards & gift tags?? So fun!

You can check out her website here, read her blog here, and buy her work here!

Hope your week is going well!


all images from the Flakes Paperie Etsy shop

OOAK: Julie Hawkins

Nov 29, 2011

Good evening!

Another booth that I really liked at the One of a Kind show was Julie Hawkins' original art. It was very graphic and bold and colorful.

This is just a small sampling of her work. Her booth at the show was much more extensive. But I wanted to share her work for those that can't make the show this year, so you can still see all the awesome stuff and even buy from some of the exhibited artists :)

You can visit her site here, read her blog here, follow her twitter here, and buy her work here!

Have a great evening!


all images from Julie Hawkins' Etsy shop

OOAK: Jenna Rose

Nov 28, 2011

Good evening!

After my class this morning, I was invited to tag along with my good friend & her mom to the One of a Kind show here in Toronto! It was so much fun to see all the beautiful things and taste all the yummy foods!!

My favourite stall had to be Jenna Rose. She had the most beautiful fabric creations, and when she told us that she designed and printed them all herself I was even more smitten!!

If you have a chance, you should check out her booth at the show! It's booth E20 I believe, and she has even more gorgeous products that she created just for the show including the sweetest pouches (which I'm kind of mad I didn't grab!) and fab handbags!

You can check out her website here, follow her twitter here, read her blog here, and get yourself some of the gorgeousness on her Etsy here!

Hope you had a lovely day!!


all images from Jenna Rose on Etsy

Read Up

Nov 27, 2011

Good afternoon!

I have decided that today will be a productive day. Thus, the earlier than normal post :)

With all the readings I have to do before the semester ends, I am craving nothing more than to read for pleasure right now. And these photos aren't helping with that haha

Antique Books II
Medical Library
Horror Section
The Book Kiss
Vintage Books
I hope you are all having a lovely weekend :)



Nov 26, 2011

Good evening!

As it usually goes, I spent far too much time on Pinterest today and not enough time doing my homework, but all that pinning brings you today's post. And sometimes, I'm okay with that. Homework can wait til tomorrow haha

I hope you had a lovely day :)


Friday Favourites, Gold Edition

Nov 25, 2011

Good evening!

 Christine of Bijou & Boheme shared some stunning(!) gold-filled snapshots of her home today. If you like what you see below, you will LOVE the full post!!

Elle of Switcheroom revealed a lovely design she did for a newlywed couple.

Helena put together a fab Gift Guide for all the home decor lovers in your life over at A Diary of Lovely.

And Jillian over at Cornflake Dreams put together an outfit I would wear any day of the fall/winter!

I hope you've had a lovely week and have a fabulous weekend!!!


Elegant Greige

Nov 24, 2011

Hi, I'm Susi from Arcadian Lighting, which is a wonderful place for interior design inspiration and light fixtures. I am so happy to be asked to guest blog about greige, one of the hottest colors in design right now.

Greige means raw or unfinished, and is an elegant color that mixes grey and beige. I love greige used as a neutral in any room in the home. It is lovely mixed with creams and can be paired with so many colors for an elegant palette. Here are some of my favorite examples of elegant in greige interiors. Hope you enjoy! I had a wonderful time visiting the fabulous Gallery No. Eight!

Greige Interiors
This living room comes from Greige Design, the beautiful blog dedicated to the glory of greige, and gives us a perfect example of the greyish/beige color. Love the mix of the light greige on the walls and the darker greige on the bookcase.

Greige Interiors

Greige can range from a very pale shade that is more light beige than grey to a deeper grey that is warmed by darker beige undertones. This greige makes an elegant backdrop for the cream furnishings (and sheep) in this cozy living room. Using this unique wall color helps tie together the rustic, modern design of the overall room.

Greige Interiors

Pale greige walls allow the dark furnishings and upholstered banquette to stand out in this dining nook. Love the warmth of the greige against the chocolate browns, not to mention the huge drum pendant light over the table!

Greige Interiors

Greige can be found in natural materials like weathered aged wood and furniture finishes. The greige accents in this elegant cream living room give it a fresh, natural feeling.

Greige Interiors

Greige as an elegant neutral can work with so many other colors. Darker colors will have a more dramatic feel, like the navy in this elegant living room. Even the small table lamp looks more bold against the soft greige colored wall (the colorful bird next to it doesn't hurt either).

Greige Interiors

Some greige is more beige, like the wall color in this room. There is a lot of grey in the beige, which transforms the color into elegant greige. It's a very gentle color that helps give this room a cozy, mellow atmosphere.

Greige Interiors

Greige makes for an elegant color in the kitchen. Choose a pale greige for the cabinetóit's warmer than white and more dramatic. A great look in this kitchen with tall cabinets and stylish lighting fixtures!

Greige Interiors

Greige looks gorgeous paired with gold and light blue. Both bring out the warmth of the greige velvet in this elegant bedroom. This versatile color complements every design style, whether you are going for a soft, relaxing atmosphere, or something more bold and dramatic.

For even more inspiration and a brilliant variety of lighting solutions, from ceiling fans to under-cabinet-lights, visit Arcadian Lighting's website today!


Hey guys!! Hoped you enjoyed the post! School is gearing up to finish for the Christmas break and I thought it'd be lovely to have someone write a post for me :) I hope all of you in America are having a wonderful thanksgiving and I shall be back tomorrow with some Friday Favourites!!!! 

Have a lovely evening!


(Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8)


Nov 23, 2011

Good evening!

This cold weather has me wanting to spend all my time curling up and reading all the books I've been wanting to read lately.  I've been pinning bookshelves like crazy!

What's next up on your reading list?


Magical Snow

Nov 22, 2011

Good evening!

The past couple of days have consisted of me not doing very much of anything. With exams and essay due dates looming, life just seems to get put on hold for a brief time. But one thing has me very excited for the end of school,


Now, I know what you're thinking. And trust me, I dislike it too. But for those first few weeks, when it transforms the bleak grey & brown of the city into a white wonderland, I adore it!

And then by January it can melt ASAP please&thankyou.

Anyone else excited for the first snow? I'm secretly hoping it happens on my birthday :)


Cable Knit

Nov 21, 2011

Good evening!

This cold weather has me getting into hibernation mode, which is not very good as I have several essays and exams due in the next few weeks haha But all I want to do is snuggle up under a cable knit blanket and read my book. (Currently reading Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards, and my mom just got the new Flavia de Luce novel I am Half Sick of Shadows by Alan Bradley so I'm excited to read that when I go home next!)

I am totally dreaming of these cozy spaces (and possibly ways to avoid doing my homework haha sorry mom!)

Hope you had a lovely & cozy Monday!!


Beachy Blue

Nov 20, 2011

Good evening!

I was using Etsy's gift finding tool thing earlier when I came across this photo below. I love the blurred lights and the soft blue shade, and it made for perfect inspiration for this week's Etsy Collection :)

Dancing Light
Ocean Whispers
Paris Romantic Windows
Early Morning Ocean
Blue Dreams
Hmm...it seems several of my posts lately have been rather blue in colour...must do something about that! haha

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

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