Currently Loving, Vol. 9

Nov 23, 2012

Good morning!

Feeling a bit tired this morning (and oh so glad it's Friday!) so I thought I would share some things I am currently loving :) (My next Gift Guide will be up on Monday!)

Love the idea of storing nail polish in apothecary jars. Not all of mine would fit in one jar, but I could display some of my current favourites :) They're currently stored in some tins from Ikea, but I like this idea much better!

Did any of you remember those I SPY books? Me and my brother used to LOVE them as kids and this Christmas tree has I SPY written all over it :)

It was so nice out yesterday that I wore flats! It's like a month until Christmas and it's warm enough to wear flats! Like, what? haha I was super excited to wear these ones because I bought them a few weekends ago from Bass in the US. Super comfy & super cute :)

And that is all for today! What are you currently loving?



  1. I had the Christmas I Spy book...loved searching it for fun treasures!
    I adore that holiday tree art wall. So clever. Especially for small spaces. I'm currently loving all things that speak to the winter holiday season: like warm bevies, homemade baked goods and soft lighting from candles / twinkle light strands.

  2. I am seriously loving the idea of storing nail polish in apothecary jars - at the moment they live in a wicker basket and spill out everywhere! Adding them to my Christmas list!

  3. Such a cute way to stash your polishes! I have so many beauty products! I'm always looking for creative ways to integrate them into decor :)
    <3, Mel


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