Twenty Two

Dec 3, 2012

Hello hello!

It was an exciting day around here - I turned 22!

It was a fairly quiet day around here though; I caught some nasty bug last week and haven't felt quite right in days. Feeling much better today but I'm still a little off. There's nothing like being sick though to make you really take it easy - started & finished a book over the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed spending most of the weekend in my pjs :)
Last month, Michaela posted 22 things she believed in on her birthday and I thought it was such a wonderful idea I had to steal it :)

I am so incredibly thankful for:

1. My dear sweet family. No one can make me laugh as much as my brother and I wouldn't be the person I am without my mama. Love you both to the moon & back.

2. That I have a Heavenly Father that loves me even when I don't deserve it.

3. Some of the bestest friends a girl can have. S, K & R, you are all beyond wonderful and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

4. To live in this wonderful country of Canada...

5. ...and to have all the opportunities that are available here.

6. The beauty that surrounds me daily. Glittery polish, happy faces in hot chocolate, & winter wonderlands.

7. To artists & designers who inspire with every stroke & create magic with the simplest of items.

8. The wonderful & endless colours God created for our world.

9. Chocolate :)

10. Soft kittens who love to cuddle. 

11. Words & grammar and the stories they tell

12.  To be able to read & learn whatever I chose.

13. Photos that capture a whole slew of memories in that one shot.

14. A warm home & bed to sleep in.

15. My health. Even though we all catch the occasional bug, I have no long term health concerns.

16. For my education & the ability to complete it.

17. The ability to work on things that I love.

18. My real & 'adopted' families, love you all.

19. Creativity and the constant inspirations this world holds

20. The internet (and computers). Emails, Skype, Photoshop, Instagram, Pinterest, none of that would exist without those inventions.

21. Simple pleasures like nail polish, hot tea and warm fires on cold nights.

22. And you! For stopping by & reading, for leaving sweet comments, and for the wonderful community that is blogging. Thank YOU!



  1. Happy Birthday! Wonderful list. So glad you're on the mend and wishing you a looooovely 22nd Year Brittany.

  2. OH NO! How did I miss it?? Happy Belated Birthday my dear! :) I hope you had an incredible day! You are so wonderful and totally deserve it! I hope you continue to celebrate throughout the weekend! xoxo

  3. Sorry I missed it! Hope you had a lovely day!

  4. Oh, I have been so bad in the blog reading department. Sorry I missed it - but HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY Brittany. The world is a better place with you in it! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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