Feb 29, 2012

Good morning!

Ah Wednesday. Right in the middle of the week. The weekend ended two days ago, and we must wait another two days for the next weekend. An awful place to be really.

So today, take comfort. For you are not alone on this day. We must all wait for the weekend together. And while we wait, we might as well get comfortable.

Clearly my idea of comfort is pretty easy to define.

I wish for you only the most comforting things. So give a special someone an extra squeeze, put a little extra dash of sugar in your tea, pull that blanket right up to your chin. Take comfort in the little rituals that make you, you.


Crushing on Coral

Feb 28, 2012

Good morning!

After yesterday's crazy temperature of 9 degrees (!!!! I've had snow days in April before, so 9 degrees in February is nuts!) I am itching for spring!! And all this lovely coral-ness is just perfect to tide me over :)

I love when you can incorporate a colour into any aspect of your life: beauty, fashion, food or home. I think I need more coral in my life!

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Hope you have a lovely day :)


Currently Loving Vol. 5

Feb 24, 2012

Good evening!

Haven't done one of these posts in a while! And I was in the mood :)

I have been drinking TONS of tea lately :) Started last weekend when we were up at camp and I was helping in the kitchen. The head cook is from Scotland and loves her tea! She constantly had a pot of tea on and it was always tea time :) And then this week I've started making mini pots for myself in the morning, and putting some milk in a little creamer and finding a comfy seat to do some morning work in. It's been rather fabulous :)

This has also been happening to my hair a lot lately. Except a little more messy. (ok fine. WAY more messy haha) The little braid around it is quite cute and I'm thinking I need to try it :)

Totally wish I was spending my weekend in a little stone cottage. Preferably in England, but I'll take rural Ontario :)

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Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


Changes & Pretties

Feb 23, 2012

Good evening :)

Well if you can't tell already, my new blog design is up!! I loved the old font, but I've been wanting something more substantial and solid, so I went with this. And it has a subtle ombre from more brown to more grey. So in love with how everything turned out!!

AND Barbara has a new blog design too :) We've been working on it for a few weeks now and it went live last night/early this morning. And if you're looking for a new blog design, be sure to check out her blog tomorrow for a little giveaway :D

Okay, on to the promised pretties!! Since I'm home for reading week, I decided to document my room as it is right now. Lots of pretties, but not quite finished haha

My shadow box full of keys and buttons and sparkles :)

My Anthropologie 'B' mug with some pink flowers :)

A kitty in the mirror! (and maybe an unmade bed? haha)

Twilight Blue by Leigh Viner :) Waited for years to order this! SO glad I finally did!!!

31 Rue Chanel by Leigh Viner

Laurel wreath monogram on canvas :) Collections of bits & bobs in front.

Silhouette lady. Canvas is probably 20x30ish? She hangs above my bed :)

Shells from my grandma on canvas :)

And a flirtatious kitty  :)

Hope you enjoyed that little 'Tour of Pretties' haha Hopefully I'll have some proper room pictures in a few months as it all comes together :)

Hope your week is going well!!!!


Black & White

Feb 22, 2012

Good evening!

I've been a bit of a bad blogger the past two days, but I have some exciting things happening :) All will be revealed by the end of the week!

Until then, some black and white to inspire you, since this little blog won't be black and white much longer!

Hope you're having a lovely week :)


Who I Share It With

Feb 20, 2012

Good evening!

It was family day here in Canada and I spent it with my famjam :) Spent the whole weekend with them actually! Up at camp for a winter wonderland weekend :) Took some photos on my film camera so we'll see how those turn out and hopefully I can share them!
via Design*Sponge
via tumblr
Hope you had a lovely day, if you had a holiday or not :)


Friday Favourites, Old & New Edition

Feb 17, 2012

Good morning!!

This is my first morning post in a while :) Had the day off yesterday after some crazy midterm-ing so I got a little blogpost prep done last night.

I loved Daniella when she blogged at dress, design, decor, and I love her new blog, daniella marie! She posts the most beautiful images, most taken by her on film. With my new interest in film photography, I'm loving her pictures and series on film photography. She posted this photo she took at a little tea shop this week :) And we know how much I love my tea haha

Some other favourites this week include:

Jen's post on Pinterest. Her Blog Talk series on Rambling Renovators is fantastic so far, and being an avid pin-ner, her post was perfect! Lots of great ideas for those new to Pinterest and even some for the vets :)

Kerry's new blog design!! She is just the sweetest and when we met up last week she mentioned she was getting First Time Fancy re-designed. It turned out beautifully!

Danielle's review of Alt Summit's online classes. She mentioned it a little while ago on Danielle Oakley Interiors, and with such a positive review from her, I'm thinking I might sign up for some when I'm home for reading week next week...

And, for your weekly dose of pretty, Erica's stylish finds on Moth Design. Girl has design talent coming out the wazoo, so it's no surprise her wardrobe is just as fabulous :) PS, have you ever seen her closet??

I hope you all had a lovely week!! I had a busy one, but I am so looking forward to next week :)

Happy weekend!!!


Minty Green

Feb 16, 2012

Good evening!

We have been having some crazily warm(ish) weather up here lately and it has me itching for spring! Isn't this shade of minty green just perfect??

The print above is from society 6, a fab online store that carries tons and tons of gorgeous prints. There's more on my art pinboard if you want to see my faves, or you can check the site out here.

Hope you're having a lovely week!


Purple Sparkles

Feb 15, 2012

Just a little mid-week-inspiration-pick-me-up :)

Midterms today went well I think, and there is only one class left between me and reading week! :D

Hope you're having a lovely week!!


Flowers for Valentine's Day

Feb 14, 2012

Good evening!

I hope you had an especially lovely day today :) Mine was alright, but midterm season usually makes things a little less fun. (I have a midterm and a seminar tomorrow.) Fun times with textbooks and powerpoints were had today haha

I even found some flowers for Valentine's :) And my nails were pink & gold.

Studying in style haha



Feb 13, 2012

Good evening!

I hope your nails are some shade of pink for tomorrow :) Or at least an accessory that you plan to wear :)

I'm not a crazy Valentine's Day person. But when there are holidays that require a certain colour theme, I like them :) And I make sure I paint my nails accordingly haha Mine are currently drying at the moment, but I will Instagram a picture of them tomorrow :) My Instagram username is brittdouglas8, or you can follow me on Twitter @GalleryNoEight.

Hope you had a lovely Monday!!


Friday Favourites, The Colourful Edition

Feb 10, 2012

Good evening!

I posted earlier in the week all about my favourite colour, the family of mint/jade/aqua. Isn't this settee below such a lovely spot? House & Home posted it this past week as part of a pretty settee roundup.

via House & Home
Other posts I loved from blogland this week:

Kate's kelly campaign desk is just fabulous!! She did a fantastic job and I just love it!

The DIY Valentine's cards that Michaela created are just so pretty and fun to send out :)

Gaby posted about a purple maxi skirt earlier this week, and then created these fab outfits around it!

Hope you have a lovely weekend!!


Seeing Double

Feb 9, 2012

Good evening!

Since finding my dad's old Minolta, film photography has really caught my attention. And while on Etsy the other day, I decided to see if there was anyone using old film cameras. I did expect to find some stuff, but not the beauties I found!

These double images were shot by Sara Teresa, and I just love them! Double Prague is just so dreamy and lovely!

Double Prague
Petrin Hill
York Minster

You can find more photographic pretties on her Etsy shop here :)

Any film photography enthusiasts out there? Have any tips for a total beginner??


Aqua/Robin's Egg/Mint/Jade/Turquoise

Feb 8, 2012

Whatever name you like to give it, I love it!!!

This colour family is possibly my absolute favourite colour. It is so flattering on me and I love how it's sort of seasonless, depending on the shade you choose. And it goes with gold & silver. This colour can do no wrong in my books.

The pants above are from Forever 21. And they are calling my name. I've never owned bright skinnies, I don't even know if they'll suit me, but I don't know if I can pass these ones up! I can picture them with so many outfits.

What are your thoughts on this colour family? What's your favourite??


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