Library Love

Nov 30, 2012

Good morning!

Since doing my librarian gift guide on Wednesday, I've been pinning away lots of gorgeous libraries and I had to share. Something about these cozy spaces just gets me so excited to be cooped up inside :) Although I'm sure once February roles around I'll have nothing nice to say about the snow hahaha


Lurve. Can you imagine having enough books to fill that many bookshelves? It would take a lifetime of book collecting. And its something no tablet or e-reader can quite replace :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!


Gift Guide: The Cool Dude

Nov 29, 2012

Good morning!

I've been doing a lot of Gift Guides for the female population, but I thought that the men needed one too :) I sort of did this with my brother in mind, mostly because I have NO idea what to buy this kid. Seriously, what do you buy 19 year old guys for Christmas?

I'm kind of in love with that unicorn sweater. And I kind of really want to get it (or something like it) for my I totally crazy? haha

What are you buying the cool dudes in your life this year?


Gift Guide: The Librarian

Nov 28, 2012

Good morning!

I have another Gift Guide for you this morning, and I just love the idea behind this one. I can picture every one of these things in a cozy library just like this one! So wish I had a room dedicated to books, books and more books :)

What's your opinion on home libraries? Love, like, or take a pass? I'm firmly in the love category, but until I have one of my own, I'll just pile books everywhere :)


A year from now

Nov 26, 2012

I will be on the verge of 23. I don't know where I'll be working or living; in fact, I really don't know much about what the next year will bring. But I do know that I want it to be awesome. And awesomeness doesn't just magically appear. It takes work and commitment. It takes starting, not waiting by the sidelines.

I've written 10 things I want to do in this next year. Some easier than others, but all easily do-able. I'll try and check in periodically throughout the year and share how it's going. Accountability is always a good thing :)


1. Open an Etsy shop (and actually sell something!)

2. Fly on a plane (preferably to England, but I'll take NYC)

3. Start a Youtube channel (because I think it might be kind of fun)

4. Buy a DSLR camera (and learn how to properly use it)

5. Finish my bedroom (so close!)

6. Create better work habits & have a proper work schedule (so hard! anyone have any tips?)

7. Be a better friend (and stay in touch on a regular basis)

8. Continue to grow in my faith & live it actively (a lifelong journey, I know)

9. Read more books (and maybe join a book club?)

10. Be healthy (green smoothies, yoga, walking/running, nothing terribly hard)


By starting today, hopefully this next year will be awesome. And a year from today, let's meet back here and see how it went. Deal?


Currently Loving, Vol. 9

Nov 23, 2012

Good morning!

Feeling a bit tired this morning (and oh so glad it's Friday!) so I thought I would share some things I am currently loving :) (My next Gift Guide will be up on Monday!)

Love the idea of storing nail polish in apothecary jars. Not all of mine would fit in one jar, but I could display some of my current favourites :) They're currently stored in some tins from Ikea, but I like this idea much better!

Did any of you remember those I SPY books? Me and my brother used to LOVE them as kids and this Christmas tree has I SPY written all over it :)

It was so nice out yesterday that I wore flats! It's like a month until Christmas and it's warm enough to wear flats! Like, what? haha I was super excited to wear these ones because I bought them a few weekends ago from Bass in the US. Super comfy & super cute :)

And that is all for today! What are you currently loving?


Gift Guide: The Traveller

Nov 22, 2012

Good morning!

I'm back with another installment in my Gift Guide series, this time it's for the travelers! Those people that are back and forth between home & school/work or those who are in a new country every other weekend.

I tried to include a few helpful things (watch, iPad sleeve, luggage tag, weekender bag) but I had to include a few travel inspired prints. And there's also a fabulous hat so one can travel incognito :)

What's your favourite place you've ever travelled to? I think mine would have to be Scotland, must go back soon!


Dressing for the Holidays

Nov 21, 2012

Good morning!

We've already had thanksgiving here in Canada, but we are heading into holiday party season so I thought putting together some appropriate holiday outfits would be fun :)

I decided to a casual and a fancy one, because you never know where you'll be invited!

I actually have the outfit above haha And I've worn it so much lately! I have that exact top and sweater, but I usually wear it with black jeans & my riding boots from Joe Fresh last fall. And ps, the sweater looks really good with yoga/comfy pants. You know, just in case you need to change into those before dessert haha

top / sweater / skirt / pumps

I have the top above in navy with white dogs (SO cute, and fits really nicely), but I really like this cream & oxblood version! And with that velvet skirt?? Too fab my friends. The cream beaded sweater (look at the closeups on the site, so lovely!) will keep you warm and the rose gold pumps will add some glam. I actually wasn't sure what colour shoe to put with this (black seemed awkward and nude seemed too summery) but these are just perfect.

What do you think? Would you wear either of these to a holiday party this year?


The Best Lemon Cookie

Nov 20, 2012

Good morning!

Over the weekend, I made a batch of lemon cookies. The recipe was a Martha Stewart one, so I knew there was a fairly good chance that they would be delicious. But instead of normal lemons, I used meyer lemons.

Have you ever heard of or used meyer lemons before? They smell SO wonderful and I definitely think they gave the cookies a little extra something.

Thus, I have dubbed these cookies "The Best Lemon Cookie You Will Ever Eat".

The funny thing is I actually snuck one just after I glazed them so it hadn't set yet and I was kind of disappointed. They weren't as lemony as I was expecting and they weren't as soft as I was expecting. But a few hours later when the glaze had set (I might have let them sit in puddles of icing before moving them onto a cooling rack so the accidental icing on the bottom could set haha), they were so different! So definitely make the glaze and if you cover both sides of the cookie, it makes them even better :)

Is there a cookie recipe that you deem to be 'the best ever' in it's category?


'Pick the day'

Nov 19, 2012

Good morning!

I thought that these were rather wonderful words to start the week with:

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and here's to a lovely week!


Gift Guide: The Mint Lover

Nov 16, 2012

Good morning!

I actually wasn't planning on doing a gift guide for those who love all things minty-turquoise, but as I was going through my Etsy favourites, I knew I had to! It is just such a gorgeous colour and while it is very popular at the moment, I think it's a colour that never really goes away. Tiffany's chose it for a reason, oui?

Are you a mint lover? Which of these items would you want to unwrap on Christmas Day?  I'd be quite pleased with any of them :) Well, except the iPhone case because I don't have an iPhone, but if I did have one, I would be pleased with it hahaha

And ok, a little confession, this gift guide is kind of for me. Couldn't help it haha I just love mint!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!


Gift Guide: The Foodie

Nov 15, 2012

Good morning!

Today is an exciting day - it's the start of my 2012 Gift Guide!! I decided to put together some of my favourite items from some of my favourite stores. I'm going to feature mainly small businesses or individually owned stores, because I do think it's important to feature them and buy handmade.

Today's Gift Guide is for the foodie in your life! Cute kitchen tools & accessories to display. I must admit, I am not a foodie, but I have several dear friends who are so I kind of put this together for them.

And let's be honest, getting kitchen things for Christmas is not a very exciting prospect. But I do think that the items I've gathered below are so lovely that the foodie in your life would be happy to receive any of them :)

I have several more gift guides planned for the rest of November so be sure to check back!

Hope you're having a great week :)


Sweater Weather

Nov 9, 2012

Good morning!

Hope you've all had a good week :) I've thoroughly enjoyed blogging everyday this week and I think I forgot how much I used to enjoy it. Glad to be back!

I've said this many times before, but sweater weather really is my favourite weather. (With bird-chirping weather as a close second!) The soft cozy sweaters, crisp winds, beautiful leaves (although they're almost all gone now) and the boots! Oh how I love my fall boots :)
photo by me on Instagram
I'm pretty excited for this weekend. Going to the US on a shopping trip with my mama and I'm planning to get some goooood bargains :) Any exciting plans for you??

Do you love sweater weather too?


ps, I'm going to be putting together some gift guides over the next 2 weeks, so if you have a shop I should know about let me know! I can't guarantee you'll be included, but I'll do my best! Super excited about this :)

Adorable Ornaments

Nov 8, 2012

Good morning!

It's still over a month til Christmas, but with all the commercials and decorations already in stores, how can you not feel a little festive?? Maybe it's because we've already had Thanksgiving here in Canada, and Christmas is the next big holiday, but I'm already excited :)

And when I saw these ornaments from West Elm, I got a little more excited haha :D

We always decorate our tree with the same ornaments every year, (and some have been around for as long as me haha) but I think that little fox ornament might have to find it's way to our tree this year :)

Are you thinking about Christmas yet? Or do wait until after a certain date? We don't put our tree up until my birthday (Dec 3), but that doesn't mean I can't start thinking about it!


On Dreaming

Nov 7, 2012

So those dreams you have.

I know you have them. I have them too. Those dreams that seem impossible or ridiculous, but they seem, right. Like they were meant to be. Like all of your experiences so far were just for those dreams you have now.

Well I'm here to say that you should follow those dreams.

There's a reason you were given that dream. That dream was made just for you. 

And if don't believe me, read this:
Words by Holley Gerth on in(courage), Photo by Irene Suchocki via Pinterest

There is a dream out there for each of us. I know I'm trying to find mine, what about you?


ps, Holley is putting together a team of God-sized dreamers and today's the last day to apply

Grey Pleats + Floral Jeans

Nov 6, 2012

Good morning!

I was looking through Ruche's new winter lookbook and oh. my. word. That is a thing of beauty my friends. If you haven't seen it yet, you can check it out here.

One of my favourite pieces in the lookbook was a soft grey pleated skirt. I knew I wanted to create an outfit around it, and when I found those floral pants, I knew just what to do :)

Same top, same jacket, same shoes. When paired with the pleated skirt, it's a beautiful feminine look. But when you switch in the pants, it gives a funky & fun vibe that I just love. And those metallic flats are just too fabulous.

I would wear this gorgeous turquoise & gold necklace with both of these outfits. Actually, I'd wear it with every outfit :)

Would you wear either of these outfits? Won't lie, I like to look at patterened jeans, but I don't know if I could actually pull them off. Do you have a pair? That pleated skirt on the other hand, well it just needs to find it's way into my closet asap.

Hope you have a great day!!


Gorgeous Bathroom + Fabulous Art

Nov 5, 2012

Good morning!

So there was this bathroom going around Pinterest last week. A completely stunning image that got stuck in my brain. And I can't forget about it. So, today's post is all about this awesome bathroom.

Designed by Ana Donohue for the 2012 Junior League of Boston Design Show House, and photographed by Michael J. Lee, this bathroom is just beyond beautiful. This is what Ana said about it:
"We love how this elegant, eclectic bath turned out, perfectly representative of our contemporary interior design style. A tropical wallpaper, mix of bold and understated patterns, and classic elements like the claw foot tub, old-fashioned sink, and subway tiles combine to create a sense of escape.  The juxtaposition of the bold, dark wallpaper with a lighter, contemporary abstract painting strikes a balance between  sophistication and exuberance."
And here is the bathroom that I keep raving about:

Ana Donohue Interiors via Pinterest
Stunning right? What really sticks out to me is the combination of dramatic wallpaper & oversized art. It's unexpected but it totally works. So I thought I'd try my hand at a crazy combo of wallpaper & art.

Click below to see what I came up with!!

Birthday Wishlist

Nov 2, 2012

Good morning!

Seeing as my birthday is 1 month & 1 day away (!!!), I figured it was high time to make a little list of things I would like to find all wrapped up :) Many of these items are things I have loved for a loong time (mercury owls, zinc letters & that photo of venice - so dreamy!). And others are items that represent a general category that I love (birch trees, ampersands, & rose gold jewels). And the other two would be for my room (sparkly knob for my dresser & a lorem ipsum switchplace, which is so awesome, I have no words) that is always in progress (isn't that always the case??). 

This sort of doubles as my Christmas wishlist, but there's a few books I'd add to that list. Some people might see having a birthday 22 days before Christmas as a problem. I however, choose to see it as a whole month of gifts & celebrations :)

Happy weekend!!


Change is in the air

Nov 1, 2012

Well, good morning!

Notice anything different around here?? :D

I've been working on a site redesign for a few weeks now and I am SO happy with how it looks now. I still love the look I had before, but I wanted a few different features and the old design just couldn't carry them. So a whole new look was in order :)

One of my favourite things is the hidden rollover bits. Everything is black & white, but if you hover over the header and buttons you'll find a few surprises :) Those of you viewing on mobile devices may not be able to see them, but below is a taste of what is hiding.

I've updated all the pages in my navigation bar. And you might notice a few new additions there too :) Don't want to spill too much about the 'shop' link just yet, but Gallery No. Eight is officially taking sponsors!! You can click on over if you want to see what the dealio is with that, but in case you need some incentive, there's some free spots up for grabs :D

I've also been researching a new email delivery method for this blog, does anyone use one that they love?

Okay, I think that's it!!! Let me know what you think!

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