Silver Delights

Jan 31, 2013

Hello hello!

Since discovering my forgotten Christmas present 'B', I've been on the hunt for lovely silver details to add to my room. And since my 'B' comes from Anthropologie, I thought that was the perfect place to start :)

I know gold is super popular lately, but I still like a bit of silver :) What's your favourite??



  1. I used to be a silver-only kinda gal. Then I started coming around to the "idea" of gold. Now I absolutely love gold-tones and enjoy mixing the two together.

  2. You definitely need that B in your life! I'm a gold girl, but these silver pieces are gorg :)

  3. Pretty pretty! Get the B! I have the M and we can match :) I'm with Steph- I'm a gold girl. Love that clock!!

  4. I have a J and K from anthro hanging on the wall next to my bed! I love it! def get the B :) xo


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