This is the blog of a girl named Brittany.

Curator of lovely things, designer of beautiful blogs, follower of Jesus.

She loves:
Any kind of black tea, but when pressed for a favourite, answers cream earl grey.
Art, but holds a special place in her heart for acrylics & watercolours, her favourite mediums.
All shades of nail polish, but especially the turquoise & mint family.
Design, whether it's interior, graphic, or product, it's all fascinating to her.
Books and reading them by warm fires, usually a good Agatha Christie mystery.
Her old university, Ryerson, where she received her BFA.
The 'motherland', Scotland, where all her family hails from.
And of course, her wonderful family & friends, whom she loves dearly.

You can find out more by clicking here, and if you have any thoughts or questions you would like to share with her, you can contact her here.

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